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Every Door Direct Mail: The Best Way to Mail Flyers, Postcards, and Coupons

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Every Door Direct Mail is a new program from the United States Postal Service which lowers the cost and simplifies the mailing process for small business owners. The program was launched to increase mail volume throughout the U.S. while providing small business owners with powerful direct marketing solutions at an affordable rate.

In short, Every Door Direct Mail provides small business owners with access to the same advertising arsenal as national advertisers, at budget-friendly rates. Traditional saturation direct mail has been tough for small businesses to utilize due to the costs associated with mailing permits, mailing lists, tabbing, and ink-jetting addresses. As a result, a lot of small business owners merely could not afford it.

Every Door Direct Mail is ideal for small to medium-sized companies, who require an affordable and highly visible method of advertising to specific local areas or neighborhoods. The new direct mail program is especially popular with pizza restaurants, takeout food businesses, lawncare services, home improvement contractors, medical practices, clothing stores, and the many “niche” businesses that fulfill specific needs of any given local community.

Every Door Direct Mail is extremely simple and hassle-free. Here’s How It Works:

Choose Your Target Area:

The fastest way to get started with an EDDM marketing campaign is to search for an online direct mail printing company with a “point and click” targeting tool online. From there, you can simply enter in your business address and Zip Code which will bring up a map of your area. This map will display all of the postal routes (neighborhoods) around your business which you can simply “point and click” on to select your distribution areas – it’s extremely easy to do!

Get Counts:

Once you have selected your target areas, you will receive an instant count of how many households and businesses (optional) that you have targeted. This number tells you how many printed flyers you will need to order.

Get Started on Your Flyer Design:

If you have chosen a great Every Door Direct Mail printing company, they will provide professional-quality design services included with your mailing campaign order. Once your order has been placed, you should receive a phone call from a graphic designer within one to two business days. The designer will ask you basic questions about your needs, logo, coupons, etc to help you get started. From there, all you have to do is wait for your first proof via email and work directly with the designer on any small changes you wish to make

Approve Your Order & Start Mailing

After you approve your design, the flyer printing company will produce your mailers and send them to the USPS for distribution. Be sure to prepare for additional sales and order volume ahead of time. Mailing is extremely effective in most cases so you need to be ready for the day that your offers deliver into homes.

That’s it, your Every Door Direct Mail campaign is complete. Best of luck!

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Make Money From Home In Direct Marketing

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The Web is becoming a typical approach for people to make money from home. It exposes numerous possibilities to make a very nice residual income. Direct marketing is among the largest arenas in World wide web. A form of this sort of advertising is Network Marketing or word of mouth marketing. It is an business where it is possible to definitely earn a great amount of money once you discover a great company and learn the ropes.

Different companies offer numerous varieties of products and compensation plans. many direct marketing organizations are available on World wide web where it is possible to enroll and start earning immediately. On that basis it provides a quick and easy method to start to make money from home.

To get started with a direct sales company and begin earning, the 1st step you should do is do a little analysis on the company and it’s products to find one that fits you. When you do, just register yourself with such company, follow the training supplied and schedule a game plan meeting with your sponsor. It is up to you to decide on your level of involvement and this will dictate your success from this particular make money from home business.

Remember, it is your business and what you put in will decide what you obtain out. All good direct marketing organizations will have a training system in place and it is up to you to make the most of it.

Before you start to make money from home with a direct sales company, here is a red alert for you. You have to be prepared to talk to people and share your companies products. If you are not willing to share the business and products then direct marketing just isn’t the proper business for you. It requires time to get the ball rolling and there is a lot of rejection that comes with it.

Here are some other important points to keep in mind to help you find the best company to make money from home with:

- Countless people are not fans of Direct Marketing (also known as MLM or Network Marketing) and will post disapproving remarks on blogs in general. Be extremely careful whose opinions you are taking as fact regarding how to make money from home and what organizations are the best.

- Websites like are not good quality resources for research. Again, remember anyone can post anything on sites like that. All you are reading are “personal opinions” not fact!

- Google Network Marketing or MLM on the FTC website and you’ll indeed see that it’s a legitimate business.

- Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are not the same as a direct sales business such as network marketing. A good key to help differentiate is to ensure you get paid on legitimate product sales and never for recruiting.

To make money from home in a direct sales/network marketing business you will need to have a strong entrepreneurial state of mind and a determined character. Keep in mind, as with every business, you need to give yourself the appropriate amount of time to master and then apply what you learned before you begin to see success.

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5 Things Network Marketing is Not

May 25 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

1. NOT about the Product.
You might Love the product that your company offers, but ultimately that is not what it is all about. The product is important from the standpoint that your prospect may or may not have any desire for the product. Have you heard anyone say that they had no interest in the product, but the recognized the business opportunity? At least one person has said that or one leader said that someone said that. Anyway, keep the product in its place. It should not be your main selling point.
2. NOT about the Comp Plan.
Even though the main reason anyone joins a Network Marketing company is to make money, the actual Comp Plan does not matter. If you go to someone trying to explain the double bubble spillover 10 levels deep triple helix matrix comp plan that your company has, they will most likely run and not walk away. Do NOT try to sell the Com Plan.
3. NOT about the Leadership.
We all love our Leaders! After all, they have done great things and they are THE LEADERS. Okay, no one else knows the leaders or much about what they have done, usually. There are exceptions out there, but the perception is that the Leaders are WAY OUT THERE and inaccessible. This is usually the case. Do NOT try to sell your company on the leadership.  
4. NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme.
If you got in and thought you would become an International Marketing Director or whatever the highest rank is in your company in the next 5 minutes, then you were sadly misled. Network Marketing for MOST is a long-term growth strategy. Think 401K. It is something you have to consistently put time, energy, and effort into to get out a very nice result at a later date. The function of how much time, energy, and effort you put in is a variable of how quickly you get your very nice result. (Did I lose anyone? Sorry. You get out what you put in.)
5. NOT about Becoming Weird.
Finally, my favorite. Please DO NOT go out SPAMMING your business opportunity on everything that breathes, including trees and plants. You can still remain a normal human being by offering people you. That is what you will sell is YOU. After all, the person you are talking to either knows YOU or they just met YOU and if they know YOU and like YOU then they will most likely associate with YOU. YOU are the one that needs to provide value; your business is an add-on benefit. Think like this and you will have more success.

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Marketing Your Business Services

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Marketing your business services, in essence, is an art form rooted in knowing your market inside and out. This is the single most important component to your campaign and should be treated like a plant in a ceramic pot sitting on your office window sill. You must accommodate it’s every need to keep it alive and flourishing.

Let’s start with defining your business. What are your business goals? In order to be a successful company, you must maintain a target focus. Master an approach to three or four major industries. As you specialize in these industry segments, you will have in your possession, the knowledge required to cater to their needs and increase your competitiveness. Illuminate all of your success stories within these industries to sell yourself into new business accounts.

Your marketing material is your identity. It should represent your brand and services. The more creative you are with your design and copy, the better chance you have to platform yourself as not just a role model, but a leader of your field. This component introduces us to the next element: your industry profile. Reach out to external organizations and participate in their programs. This is a great way to showcase your work and contribute to the community. You may consider trade shows, open houses and most importantly volunteer work. These are great avenues for showcasing your capabilities.

Return on investment (ROI) is most clearly demonstrated with direct marketing. The best way to increase the return on your investment is through target marketing. This is done by picking through large amounts of your customer data and specifying your campaign and content towards a particular demographic and sale. This element will help you to build your appeal not just to prospects but also to your existing customers.

Remember, you have many audiences: your customers, your community, the media and your employees. Tailor your strategies and activities to your purpose with each of them.

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Email Marketing – The Key to Engaging Your Customers

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To succeed in marketing your products or services online, you must engage your customers. Otherwise, a potential customer will show up at your website, click around for a few minutes and then disappear. And you will probably never hear from them again.

If you engage your customers on their first visit, you have an opportunity to get their permission to contact them again. In the information economy, information is both the ultimate commodity and the ultimate asset. Whoever has access to the best and most accurate information has the strongest competitive advantage. The most valuable information is that about your customers.

Knowing your customers — what they like, what they want, what they do — allows you to offer them products and services best suited to meet their needs. You can deliver highly personalized service that will enable you to realize the maximum value from the relationships you establish with each and every one of your customers.

So how do you get the information you need? You can accomplish this goal with a direct response e-mail marketing system. This system allows you to service your customers in ways never before possible. You can stay in touch with them on a regular basis, inform and entertain them, and encourage and listen to their feedback. In short, you can develop a relationship with them.

When launching a direct response e-mail marketing system, it’s important to define your goals. Once you determine your goals, you want to create message plans that allow you to deliver a sequenced stream of communication to each customer, consistent with your goals. Over time, you will build long-term relationships and loyalty.

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The Technique Of Direct Mail For Beginners

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If you’re doing direct mail but want to see more profits from it, then this article is for you. I know you can try to try a marketing technique over and over again, but the more time that you put into it, the less money you made, and it’s been this way since the beginning.

This would make most business owners think about closing up shop because everything that they have been doing to get new prospects and clients has failed. If you feel like this, then I know how you feel. But I want to introduce you to a marketing strategy that can turn your business around in a matter of weeks. Here’s the technique that I’m talking about:

- Direct mail

Direct mail has been around for years and it’s still a great way to promote your product or service without cold calling and without any face to face selling. With direct mail, you can send your message out to the masses in your niche, and expect to see sales coming in virtually right away.

With direct mail, it’s like having 1000′s of employees working hard for you to bring money into your business. Because of this lucrative source, it’s important that you do whatever you can as much of these campaigns as humanly possible. But before you go off and start promoting your product and service, you have to pick a good list.

Do you know how to pick a good mailing list? Most business owners don’t, but that can be an advantage that you have over your competitors. The best way to find a list for your product or service is to look in the SRDS. This resource can be found in your local library, and if they don’t have it, check with your state library to see if it’s there.

What you want to do with the SRDS is to look at the number of mailing lists available to you there. First familiarize yourself with the other lists that you are looking at before you start searching for lists in your business. This may seem overwhelming, but it’s something that is absolutely needed to do on your behalf.

Once you’ve got your list, it’s time to start marketing to these people. If you picked out a batch of around 10,000 names, don’t rush off and mail them all at once. Test each of batch of 1000 names, and measure the results that you get from your campaign. So if you mail 1000 letters and the campaign was a success, start running another version of the campaign to the next 1000 names.

But if your test was a failure, mail out another 1000 pieces just to make sure that something needs to be changed. If after the next 1000 pieces you still have no response, and consider changing some elements of your offer. Test the headline, add bonuses, change the price, and run another 1000 names. Hopefully by this time your results will be better, but if it isn’t, rinse and repeat, and try the list again.

Direct mail is a great way to boost your sales and profits. It’s a great way to get your name out to the masses, and to start making more money in your business today.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success in your business as possible.

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Direct Marketing Mail Leads – Keeps You at Your Finest Business Growth!

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Direct mail leads are now the best and easy way to make a huge sale. Through direct mail marketing leads the network marketers, MLM, opportunity seekers are added making opportunities grow for their businesses.

In a multi level marketing, these direct mail leads are very helpful to make your business grow and to generate more income than the usual. To make this possible you must make a good offer to target sales and most importantly the leads that you are going to mail must be new.

So how are you going to get the freshest direct mail leads? There are a lot of ways actually. One of them is to see a list of brokers, alumni associations and many more on the internet. There is lot of internet service provider who offers this kind of services.

You can get direct mail leads from various types of lists, may it be a business list, consumer list, mailing list, telemarketing list or the E-mail opt in lists. These lists offer their profile such as company name, address, phone numbers, type of company, opt-in emails, business mailing lists and many others. These prospects might buy now or in the future.

When you have this direct mail leads you can now mail them so you will make a difference for you business. So what are the ways to mail leads? Simple, just use the direct mail marketing techniques. Read on to know different methods to make this possible.

1. Monthly mailing system

This mailing system is very reliable since it is consistent. Make sure that that you have a lot of ideas in the contents of your mailings. You should include there tips and advice about your product or service. Think about the things a customer would usually need or use before and after they buy your product. Anticipate their needs and wants and expectations in your products.

Make sure that your tips are relevant to what products and services you offer. You will see that you will have positive benefits if you do so. You will be known to have enough expertise in your field. Secondly, you have already gotten through prospects mind as qualified vendor.

2. Recognition campaigns

This campaign is a way to recognize and reward your customers. You can do so by just simply thanking them. When you use this method, you should keep your marketing strategy in moderation.

You should watch over your sales pitch when you are going to send a ìthank youî message. When you use this kind of approach, customers might keep you on top of their minds and if you are lucky enough you will be referred to their friends and acquaintances.

4. Your website

When you use postcards, you can drive prospective customers your page. Postcards will tell your prospects that there are offers for discounts, free gift or any offers you put in your website that they can get. Always make sure that your site contents are rich of information that you think is important for your prospect.

When you are going to use this as your direct marketing plan, make sure that you update your webpage. Keep updates useful for the prospects so they can visit your site again. These postcards works very easily and they are very cost effective

These are the few ways to use a direct mail for your products and services. Choose the freshest direct mail leads to capture every prospective customers and choose the best direct mail strategy that you are going to use.

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Prosperity in the Bulgarian Property Market: How Much Longer Can It Last?

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Recently Bulgaria has become one of the most prominent places to join the European trend of middle class holiday investing largely fuelled by British, Irish and American investors. Property; very cheap and surprisingly profitable property is at the top of the shopping list for many lay families and individuals looking to enjoy “the good life” when schedules permit. Bulgaria has proven through its tourist and property industry to be worthy of its recent favour.

One of the frequent questions is: why Bulgaria? The answer to those who have invested before is all in the history of the numbers. While Bulgaria doesn’t have a long history in the property market, the budding market is spawning a lot of happy investors harvesting their rewards and forging a long term trend, the beginning of which yields the answer to the “why” in investigating the “when”. It was in 2001 and 2002 that Bulgaria made public their efforts to come up to par with western nations through substantial efforts to transform the nation from a defunct, all but nameless former soviet satellite to a contributing and valued member of the European and International communities. Bulgaria set off to accomplish this by working to qualify for involvement in international organizations such as joining NATO early in 2004 and signing the European Union Accession treaty during the Luxembourg Presidency of 2005. It was arguably these political steps that displayed to Europeans and the world that Bulgaria was open and on the road to stability, ready for investments in some of the cheapest and most profitable properties available in Europe with diverse areas from beach front apartments and villas to ski resort and mountain side chalets and bungalows lining the highest European peaks east of the Alps. With property prices incontestably lower than the competing western nations and a local service industry that makes the cost of living just as negligible, foreigners have a lot to gain when purchasing in Bulgaria, not the least of which is improving their quality of life without going above and beyond the credit limits. For example – it’s possible for a middle class British investor to purchase a property in Bulgaria and use home media development services to have a partially automated and fully media accessible home with LCD screens and audio in every room without spending more than £30-40k on the entire endeavour. Services like HomeMediaBg ([]) and scores more make these wonders into a possible standard for many.

Between the years 2001 and 2005 Bulgaria’s property market has maintained an average growth of 20-30% on property value appreciation annually. Furthermore, above average appreciation occurs annually in the tourist regions where the idea of owning a holiday apartments or villa on the Black Sea beaches or a chalet in the popular ski resorts has maintained substantial appeal to more than just a few working class property seekers. In that same period, many Bulgarians profited from the markets as well with a number of shrewd, business-minded people seeing an opportunity to capitalize in the spirit of new found capitalism, they quickly established themselves in the path of the deluge. Bulgaria’s property market went from accommodating 2 major agents in 2001 to spawning approximately 3,000 by the 2005.

In Bulgaria’s present market, future, former and current investors share a common curiosity: “What lays ahead for a property market that has been surpassing expectations for four (4) years?” It’s a question that even the thriving and bold Bulgarian property agents are hesitant to broach. No one can claim to know how far the market will rise before a doomsday-like market correction is required to normalize prices and remedy artificial inflation. To understand the hesitance to address the concern and ignorance that most buyers have about the future state of the Bulgarian property market, it’s necessary to understand the driving force behind the evolving market trend.

In the Beginning…

The inauguration of Bulgaria’s property rise neatly coincides with Bulgaria’s courting of the European Union for eventual membership status in the new face of Europe. In large part, when subject to scrutiny, the reasons for the property boom is clearly a combination of potential EU membership driving an economy to grow exponentially with the aim to be on par with its EU neighbours, in conjunction with a tourism market that was established long before Bulgaria debuted on international property market maps. Bulgaria’s property market is therefore dependent on the country’s success in becoming and EU member in the short term and on the development of the tourism industry in the long term.

The Role of EU Membership in Bulgaria Property Market

Having signed the EU accession treaty in 2005 and commencing and completing a number of reforms to comply with EU requirements, Bulgaria has successfully bolstered its property market. EU memberships is scheduled for 2007 or 2008, dependent on Bulgaria’s ability to mitigate the amount of upper-level corruption by establishing and enforcing stronger laws and punitive measures for such crimes. With EU membership all but certain, in under 2 years, the next logical question is, “what lies in the through the cloud beyond EU membership?” The answer: In all likelihood, the achievement of EU membership will propel the property market further in its current direction for a while afterwards while the market continues to adjust to new standards. While this is all speculative, consider the facts:

  • While Bulgaria’s prices have been steadily increasing in tandem with GDP and inflation, prices of securities, commodities and property are not yet up to the rest of Europe’s popular tourist destinations
  • Even with approximately four (4) million tourists visiting Bulgarian annually (2005) after a 50% increase since 2001, studies prove that the majority of Europeans avoid Bulgaria for the sole fact that it’s not yet part of the EU and thus has not yet earned their trust and security.
  • If a correction occurred shortly after EU membership it would be very short lived because the overwhelming majority of Bulgarians cannot afford the properties that many Europeans and Americans can buy in multiples. If a dip occurred the only people to sell to would be the large amount of foreigners that have not yet enjoyed the splendour of the market, benefiting from a new dip in prices and fuelling the next rise.

The Symbiosis of the Tourism Industry and Property Market

Bulgaria’s tourism industry has existed even through the communist error. While it may initially seem like a strange fact to many propaganda enriched westerners, upon further consideration it’s quite logical: even former soviet communists enjoy beaches, skiing and mountain vistas and Bulgaria’s geographic location (same latitude as the French Riviera) featuring mountains, valleys and beaches in a area of 1/5 that of France lends itself perfectly to the holiday image.

When the property boom began, the already mature tourism industry began a second stride that has already over shadowed the first (1970s) by being the primary residual beneficiary of property craze success. Hotels in the three larges beach resorts, Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and Albena (in descending order) began to multiply like crocuses in an open meadow during early spring. Many of Bulgaria’s largest companies at the time of this writing are hotel companies with properties in the beach resorts. With growing diversity in the consistently expanding tourist population, tourism in Bulgaria is feeding the property market directly through the purchase of land and property for ever more hotels and villas for rent combined with a substantial volume of impressionable middle class foreigners who are looking for a decent means of securing a their ticket to the good life.

While the future of any type of market can only be based on speculation, the Bulgarian property market still shows many signs of increase and more importantly is building a price foundation for support. The support provided by the tourism industry and foreign investment in Bulgaria help to mitigate the chances of near immediate correction after EU membership is obtained. What waits to be seen is when these supporting pillars will be insufficient to abate the inevitable balancing correction that is surely on the distant horizon and how those already invested will employ their resources to profit from the redistribution process.

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Optimizing Your B2B Marketing

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Marketing your products or services to other businesses offers many different challenges that marketing directly to consumers. Here are some steps to help you optimize your B2B marketing efforts.

Understand your target market. Make sure you clearly identify your audience and customers. Find out who are the key decision makers. You can waste a lot of time and effort by trying to sell to those who do not have the power to make buying decisions. Maximize your resources by targeting the true decisions makers. If you are not talking directly to the decision maker ensure that all information and collateral stands on its own with a clear message. The decision makers may only see your summary so make sure it communicates your message clearly.

Make sure your marketing plan is aligned with your strategic business plan. It sounds simple but in many organizations this does not happen. Marketing plans may get reorganized on a near daily basis due to reductions in budget, re-focusing of ideas, or changes in sales initiatives. By keeping in touch with your strategic business plan you will reduce your risk and also make better decisions. This will help you to deliver your marketing communications with maximum impact.

Almost all B2B websites are not utilized to their maximum potential. Rather than thinking of it as an on-line catalog see it more as a strategic competitive weapon. It is usually the first view of your company that many people receive. What do they see when they first look at your site? A global leader or another follower?

Today the search engine results page for your company name is the new digital front page for your company. When you do a search for your company’s name in Google what do the first ten search results say about your company? Remember that this is what many potential clients read about you before they even visit your site! There are companies out there whose sole purpose is search engine reputation management. This involves making sure that the top ten results for your name are favorable.

90% of technical buyers use the internet to look for products. So make sure you optimize your business opportunities by being visible in the major search engine results. Optimizing your site to be found in search engine searches is critical in today’s economy. But this is only the first step. Once on your site the visitors have to be converted into leads. Study your web analytics to find out the habits of your visitors. Invest in usability studies. Constantly update the site based on your findings to improve the user experience. This has paid huge dividends for many companies involved in B2B.

Remember that you website is a low cost way to communicate your product and brand to your target markets. Also bear in mind that the same is true for your smaller competitors! It is essential that you stay on the leading edge of the technology and maximize your online potential.

PR is often better than advertising! However PR involves more than just press releases. A larger proportion of your efforts should be spent on case studies, articles and white papers. Successful PR also requires continuous dialogue with media representatives. Frequent contact and relationship building are essential. Aim to make their job easier by reacting quickly and offering full explanations backed up with illustrations and photos. Making the editor’s job easier will reap rewards and generate increased editorial coverage. Optimizing your press releases for search engines is a powerful and cost effective way of getting an instant message to a mass audience. It also increases your chances of being found by a journalist researching your industry in a cost effective and effective manner.

Integration of you marketing efforts is an essential part of your comprehensive marketing strategy. These efforts are not individual tasks but rather linked together with a view to increasing your total business. For example, search engine results are PR, or – your target market determines your web site content. By linking together your marketing efforts you will help build your corporate brand and generate leads. The end result is better return on investment and increase value for your customers.

Copyright © James Peggie

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Three Direct Mail Marketing Tools to Improve Response Rate

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There is a common perception that direct correspondence is not as effective as digital channels. However, according to Direct Marketing Association (DMA), a US based independent business for data-obsessed marketers; direct mails have a response rate of 4.4 percent whereas emails have a response rate of only 0.12 percent.

Building a successful campaign is not as complicated as it appears, provided you implement an effective plan of action assisted by the experts of direct mail marketing companies. Here are three tools that you can leverage to send your message out to your target audience.

1. Brochures

Brochures or informational booklets have a limited shelf life. A brochure, usually available in bi or tri folds, not only as a great tool to give out introductory information about your product or service but also offers ample space to elaborate on offers, prices, features, tariffs etc accompanied by visuals. For example, a home improvement store can send its customers a printed guide on interior décor and house renovation tips with alluring visuals in its multiple folds. Similarly, a pizza shop can mail a brochure with lip-smacking pictures of scrumptious, pizzas dripping with cheese, alongside a perforated section containing discount vouchers. These informational pieces not only come handy when consumers seek information but also serve as a lucrative tool for a future purchase. After all, including coupons can increase the possibilities of sales right several folds.

2. Postcards

Believe it or not, these tiny unassuming pieces have more power than you could ever imagine. Extremely affordable, postcards have been of the most favorite marketing tools used by companies that swear by direct mail marketing channels. With these pieces, you can keep your message short and relevant, and they are not even required to be opened to be read. Most importantly, they reach the doorsteps of your target audience so are hard to ignore. According to a United States Postal Service (USPS) study, 52 percent of the people who receive postcards actually read them. In another study, the respondents were asked which type of mail would bring forth a response. The result showed that postcards topped the list, and 23.4 percent said that they would reply to an advertisement if sent via a postcard.

You could consider using postcards for holiday season sales promotions, for letting know of a new launch or even for conducting a survey. Postcards are the most apt marketing solution for those who have budget constraints.

3. Newsletters

Newsletters directly reach the target audience providing them with the exact information that they are looking for. The content is centered about the subscribers’ primary topic of interest, which is why more often than not they are actually read. Considering their usefulness, you can get tons of business if you consider sending newsletters to your present and prospective customers. However, success depends on the usefulness of the information provided so stick to relevant information only. For instance, a restaurant may send out a newsletter to inform its regular customers about the specials or the food fests they are planning over the next few months. Include authentic information so that the newsletter you send becomes a professional publication, valuable to your customers.

Your job now is to scout for efficient direct mail marketing companies who can help you create and disburse any or all of these promotional tools in order to achieve better conversions and consistent sales.

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